Methods of payment

Credit Card (available within Germany and EU, not available for TECHNIKdirekt Business customers)

TECHNIKdirekt accepts Visa or MasterCard®.

Adress Verification System (AVS), MasterCard SecureCode™ and Verified by Visa guarantee the security of your personal data.
Furthermore for the processing of your credit card details and personal data we employ the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which encrypts all submitted information. This is how we guarantee your security and privacy: the access of a third party to your personal data is basically unauthorized.

Your credit card data are transmitted to us in encrypted form. They will be treated as confidential. Your credit card data will neither be communicated to a third party nor be saved (read our Privacy Policy).

The payment will be pre-authorized by your credit card issuing bank when you submit your order. This means that the amount to pay will be reserved for TECHNIKdirekt. In case of a longer delivery delay, the request for the authorization of the payment will be repeated automatically several times.

We only charge the credit card when we start preparing your goods for dispatch.
The same is valid if your order ships in more than one shipment. We only charge you for the items that are shipped.

Useful tips for credit card payment:

  • orders paid by credit card are to be submitted by the credit card owner himself and only on line
  • we only accept the above mentioned credit card types: Visa and MasterCard.
  • We cannot accept other credit card types, such as virtual credit cards or pre-paid credit cards.

This is how it works:

  • choose the items you wish to order and proceed with the order until 4. Payment Method
  • choose the credit card type
  • enter the credit card type, the name of the owner, the entire credit card number (without blanks) as well as the correct expiration date. You will find the triple-digit check number on the reverse side of your credit card.

We will inform you via e-mail about the delivery date. The amount to pay will be pre-authorized by your bank.
Your credit card will actually be charged when the ordered item is getting prepared for dispatch.

Sofort (Pay now) - (available within Germany and accepted EU countries)

As fast and safe as on-line banking!
"Sofort" is an innovative method of direct online payment with a TÜV certified security of transaction and is currently employed by numerous online shops in Germany. Sofort GmbH is a part of Klarna Group.
Benefit from the TÜV certified security of transaction and enjoy this user-friendly method of payment. You can basically use the direct transfer if you have an active online banking account with PIN/TAN payment confirmation. Please note that there still are a few banks which do not offer this service.

No registration is required in order to use "Sofort".
When using the money transfer form of Sofort you are directed automatically and in real time via a secure connection to your online bank account. The total sum will thus be automatically transferred to the bank account of TECHNIKdirekt. In-stock items can thus be promptly shipped.

Please note:
Your bank account will be immediately debited. This payment method is consequently recommended for in stock-items, so pay attention to our availability information.

"Sofort" is easy and fast:
You only need your online banking data, such as bank account number, clearing number, PIN and TAN.

After selecting „Sofort“ as payment method and placing your order, you will be automatically directed to the safe payment form. You will have to follow only 3 steps:

Step 1 a:
Enter your clearing number

Step 1 b:
Enter the name of the bank account owner and the account number

Step 2:
Enter your ID and PIN

Step 3:
Confirm your order by entering a TAN

Further information about the security of "Sofort" is available on or can be provided by your bank or Sparkasse. The use of "Sofort" is free of charge. You may only be charged by your bank for the money transfer.

PAYPAL (available within Germany and EU)

Use PayPal to pay quickly and safely for your purchases at TECHNIKdirekt.

Easy: Pay with 2 clicks - without exposing your banking account or credit card data (you are requested to create your PayPal account only once).

Fast:We will receive your payment in a few seconds. Thus, in-stock items will be shipped right away.

Secure: Your banking account or credit card data will not be given to third parties.

Please note:Your bank account will be immediately debited. This payment method is consequently recommended for in stock-items, so pay attention to our availability information.

This is how it works:
Select PayPal and submit your order. You will be immediately redirected to the PayPal payment form. Please login if you already have a PayPal account. Or else, click “Create Account”.

When confirming your PayPal payment, the total sum will immediately be transferred to the bank account of TECHNIKdirekt. Find detailed information about security standards on

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