Makita Energy Kit 197629-2 2x BL1850B + DC18RD

Ord.Nr.: 441688

Article is no longer available.

Product description

Makita Power Source Kit

Kit consists of 2x Makita BL1850B 18V 5.0 Ah batteries, 1x Makita DC18RD quick charger and 1x Makita MAKPAC size 3 tool box.


Makita BL1850B 18V 5.0 Ah battery

  • Battery voltage: 18 V
  • Battery type: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery capacity: 5 Ah
  • Capacity: 90 Wh

Makita DC18RD quick charger

  • For 14.4 and 18 V Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Optimised cooling system ensures reduced charging time and long battery life
  • Simultaneous charging of 2 different batteries
  • Integrated USB port

Makita MAKPAC size 3 tool box

  • Safe and handy storage of tools and accessories
  • Stackable: Clear storage in the workshop without additional effort
  • Tools can be combined as required per order / construction site in the appropriate case
  • Fast and flexible transport: Simply stack all suitcases with the required tool sets, click firmly and you're ready to go
  • Comfortable to wear and use thanks to ergonomically rounded housing and handle edges
  • MAKPAC cases can be combined with many other standard systems
Suitable for:
  1. MakitaDBO180Z, DBS180Z, DCG180, DCL181FZW, DCM501Z, DCO181Z, DCS553, DC18RC, DC18RD, DDA350Z, DDF453RFE, DDF453SYE, DDF453Z, DDF456Z, DDF458RTJ, DDF458Z, DDF459RF4J, DDF482Z, DDF483RFJ, DDF483Z, DDF484Z, DDF485RTJ, DDF485Z, DDF486Z, DDF487RTJ, DDG460ZX7, DEADML809, DEADML811, DFR550Z, DFS452, DFS452Z, DF457DWE, DF457DWEX6, DF457DWLX1, DGA452Z, DGA504RTJ, DGA504Z, DGA505Z, DGA506RTJ, DGA506Z, DGA506ZJ, DGA511RTJ, DGA511Z, DGA513RTJ, DGA514ZJU, DGA517RTJ, DGA519RTJ, DGA519Z, DGA519ZJ, DGA900Z, DGP180RT, DGP180Z, DHK180ZJ, DHP446Z, DHP453RFE, DHP453RFX2, DHP453SYE, DHP453Z, DHP458Z, DHP481Z, DHP482RTJ, DHP484RTJ, DHP485RTJ, DHP485Z, DHP486Z, DHP487Z, DHR165ZJ, DHR171FJX1, DHR171RAJ, DHR171Z, DHR182Z, DHR182ZU, DHR202RTJ, DHR202Z, DHR202ZJ, DHR241Z, DHR242ZJ, DHR243RTJW, DHR243Z, DHR263Z, DHR264Z, DHR264ZJ, DHR280ZJ, DHR281ZJ, DHR283ZJU, DHR283ZWJU, DHR400ZKU, DHS630ZJ, DHS660Z, DHS660ZJ, DHS661ZU, DHS680, DHS680ZJ, DHS782ZJ, DHW080ZK, DJR183, DJR183Z, DJR186Z, DJR187Z, DJR187ZK, DJR188, DJR188Z, DJV180Z, DJV181Z, DJV182Z, DKP180Z, DKP180ZJ, DKP181ZJ, DLM380PM2, DLM380PTX1, DLM380PT2, DLM380Z, DLM382PM2, DLM382PT2, DLM431PTX1, DLM431PT2, DLM431Z, DLM432PT2, DLM460PT2, DLM460Z, DLM462PT4, DLM462Z, DLM530Z, DLM532PT4, DLM532Z, DLM533PT4, DLM533Z, DLS600Z, DLX2245PT1, DLX5044TJ, DML185, DML800, DML802, DML806, DMP180Z, DMR 112, DMR 112 W, DMR 114, DMR 115, DMR 202, DMR107, DMR108, DMR110, DMR200, DPB182Z, DPB183Z, DPO600, DPO600Z, DPT353Z, DRT50Z, DSL800RTEU, DSP600Z, DSS501, DSS501Z, DSS610Z, DTD152RTJ, DTD152Z, DTD153Z, DTD154RTJ, DTD154Z, DTD155Z, DTD156ZJ, DTD171RTJ, DTM50Z, DTS141ZJ, DTW1001Z, DTW1002Z, DTW1002ZJ, DTW180RTJ, DTW180Z, DTW181Z, DTW190Z, DTW285, DTW285RTJ, DTW300ZJ, DTW450Z, DTW700RTJ, DTW700Z, DTW701RTJ, DUB183Z, DUB184Z, DUB186Z, DUB362Z, DUB363PT2V, DUB363ZV, DUC122Z, DUC122ZK, DUC252Z, DUC254Z, DUC256Z, DUC302Z, DUC353Z, DUH523RF, DUH523Z, DUH651Z, DUH751Z, DUM604Z, DUM604ZX, DUR181RF, DUR187LZ, DUR187UZ, DUR191LZX3, DUR364LZ, DUR368AZ, DUX60Z, DVP180Z, DWR180Z, HP457DWE, HP488DWE, ML180

technical Data

  • Charger
    • Incl. Charger
    • Yes
    • Number of Charging Compartments
    • 2
    • Loading Area (V)
    • 14,4 - 18
    • Max. Output Current (A)
    • 6,0
    • Charge Status Indicator
    • Yes
  • Type
    • Type of Battery
    • Lithium-Ion
    • Amount Chargable Batteries
    • 2
  • Features
    • Capacity (mAh)
    • 5000
    • Voltage (V)
    • 18
    • Charging Time (Min.)
    • 15 - 55


"Makita Energy Kit 197629-2 2x BL1850B + DC18RD"

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