Makita DC18RE 198720-9 Schnell-Ladegerät 10,8V-18V

Ord.Nr.: 510057Man.Nr.: DC18REEAN-Code: 0088381487924



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    Product description

    Makita DC18RE Ladegerät 10,8 V - 18 V

    • Akkutyp: Ni-Cd / Li-Ion
    • Spannung: 12 - 18 V
    • Ladezeit 1,3 / 2,0 / 3,0 / 4,0 / 5,0 Ah: 15 /24 - 30 / 22 / 36 - 60 / 45 min
    • Typ: DC18RE
    • Gewicht: 1,1 kg
    • Maße: 164 x 190 x 106 mm
    Passend für:
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    technical Data

    • Equipment
      • Number of Charging Slots
      • 2
      • Max. Charging Current (A)
      • 5,0
      • Charge Status Indicator
      • Yes
      • Battery / Batteries Included
      • No
    • Type
      • Type
      • Charger
    • Features
      • For Rechargeable Battery Technology
      • Lithium Ionen / Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
      • Charging Range (V)
      • 10,8 - 18
      • Charging Time (Min.)
      • 15 / 24-30 / 22 / 36 - 60 / 45
    • General
      • Colour
      • Black
      • Weight (g)
      • 1100


    "Makita DC18RE 198720-9 Schnell-Ladegerät 10,8V-18V"

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