Disposal instructions

Instructions concerning the secure and ecologically sound disposal of mercury-containing lamps

The use of mercury-containing lamps is completely safe. If these lamps burst, however, trace amounts of mercury vapor can escape into the air.

Due to the low content of poisonous mercury, mercury-containing lamps must not be disposed of in the household waste according to the "Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act" (ElektroG).

Safety notes for preventing lamps from breaking:

  • Always let the lamp cool down completely before replacing it.
  • Always touch the lamp on the socket, but never on the glass bulb or tubes.
  • Only remove new lamps from their packaging right before using them.
  • Store the lamp securely and in a break-proof manner in a container or adequate packaging until further usage or disposal.

Course of action in the event of lamp breaking:

  • Health hazard if mercury vapor is inhaled – do not bend over the shards and do not inhale the vapors.
  • Disconnect the lamp from the power supply by switching off the device, unplugging it or, if indicated, switching off the house fuse.
  • Open the windows and leave the room immediately. Allow for the room to air out for up to 20 minutes.
  • Wear disposable or household gloves when removing the shards. Carefully sweep the glass splinters into a pile. Please use a vacuum cleaner on carpeted floor and dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag afterwards.
  • Collect the shards and remainders of the lamp in a sealable container (e.g., preserving jar)
  • Dispose of the labeled container at a local disposal point.
  • At all times ensure not to injure yourself on the glass shards.

Instructions concerning the return of batteries

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Many of the products we sell work with batteries or accumulators. Therefore we need to point out that according to the "Batteries Act" (BattG) it is forbidden to dispose of batteries with domestic refuse.

The consumer is obliged to hand back used batteries to dealers or community collection points. You can also send the used batteries back to us. The batteries containing harmful substances are marked with the crossed-out dustbin recycling symbol. You will find the specific toxic substance below: Cd or NiCd for cadmium, Pb for lead and HG for quicksilver.

Instructions concerning the disposal of electronic appliances

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According to the "Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act" (ElektroG) concerning the collection and the environmentally sound disposal of electronic appliances,
it is forbidden to dispose of electrical devices with domestic refuse.

The consumer is obliged to dispose of electronic appliances at communal waste collection points.

Alternatively, the return is possible via industry and trade.
Requirements for return by TECHNIKdirekt:

As an online retailer, we take back waste electrical and electronic equipment from private consumers in compliance with the legal requirements.

  • The device must be your legal, unrestricted property, or be the property of a third party who has unrestrictedly and expressly authorised you to dispose of the device. To the best of your knowledge, you must not have any reason or suspicion to believe that the old equipment returned by you has been or may be the subject of a criminal offence, in particular theft or any other property crime.The equipment must not have any contaminants or contents that could pose a risk to the health and safety of people. This includes liquids, gases, perishable goods such as food, flammable and combustible substances, paints, chemicals, toxic waste, chemical or medical waste, as well as other potentially hazardous materials, unlawfully acquired items or other materials that may affect third parties through possible emissions. The acceptance of old equipment may generally be refused if this could pose a risk to the health and safety of people. The sender is liable for all damage caused by himself, by his representatives or by vicarious agents commissioned by him.
  • Batteries and accumulators (rechargeable batteries) must be separated from the appliance before returning it, unless they are inseparably enclosed in the old appliance. The information on the Battery Act (BattG) also applies.
  • You are responsible for deleting personal data on old devices (storage media).
  • Old devices must be shipped in proper and sufficient outer packaging. For safety and insurance reasons, you as the sender should avoid damage (e.g. breakage) or loss during transport. This also applies if your old appliance is no longer functional. When shipping by postal parcel, use only the return label provided by us. In addition, affix the yellow information sticker "Old appliances - return" so that it is clearly visible.
  • By sending in / handing in the old appliances, you as the sender declare that you wish to dispose of them and waive all rights of ownership to the old appliances sent in. The old devices become the property of TECHNIkdirekt upon acceptance.

1. Take-back of small electrical and electronic appliances whose external dimensions (width, height and depth) do not exceed 25 cm:

You can send us such appliances free of charge in household quantities. Please request a free parcel stamp for shipment by DHL: Send an e-mail to altgeraete-retouren@technikdirekt.de or call 0931 / 9708800.

You can also hand in these small old appliances directly to our logistics centre at the TECHNIkdirekt collection centre.

2. Take-back of waste electrical and electronic equipment that is larger than 25 cm in one or more external dimensions:

We will only take back your similar old appliance free of charge in connection with the purchase of a new electrical (electronic) appliance, provided that it fulfils(s) essentially the same functions.

a) Electrical and electronic equipment that can be sent by post

If the appliance is suitable for parcel delivery (DHL standard delivery: maximum weight 30 kg, maximum dimensions 120 x 60 x 60 cm), simply request a return label for your similar old appliance together with your new purchase.

In this case, please enter a corresponding comment in the comment field of your new order. We will immediately send you a return label for the free transport of your old appliance package.

b) Large appliances with freight forwarding

Please note: In accordance with the law, we can only accept old appliances that are not contaminated and not filled. Please also remove liquids and gases such as fuel or oil before returning the appliance.

When ordering a large appliance with delivery to the kerbside, simply request the free return of your old appliance of the same type with your new purchase. Please enter a corresponding remark in the comment field during the ordering process.

c) Personal collection of the new appliance with simultaneous return of the old appliance

When collecting your new appliance from our logistics centre, you can also return your old appliance of the same type directly to our logistics centre at the TECHNIkdirekt collection centre.

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