Atomos Ninja V+ Switch & Stream Kit

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Product description

ATOMOS Ninja V+ Switch & Stream Kit

Ninja V+ Switch & Stream Kit incl. Ninja V+ and AtomX Cast

The world's first 8K RAW HDR monitor recorder
The Ninja V+ is the evolution of the award-winning Atomos Ninja. It offers up to 8Kp30 (when recording to the Angelbird SSD-Mini (500gb, 1TB, 2TB)) and 4Kp120 continuous recording in Apple ProRes RAW and recording in HDR, 4Kp60 RAW and video, and HDp120 slow motion like its predecessor, the Ninja V.
With the ability to record in 8Kp30 and 4Kp120, the Ninja V+ stays ahead of the competition and gives you the flexibility to upgrade your system depending on your project needs. The future-proof quality and formats allow you to remain compatible with existing and new cameras.
The Ninja V+ takes advantage of the Atomos Silicon Chip, AtomIC3, AtomOS 10 and the efficiency of ProRes RAW to deliver high resolutions and frame rates. These formats also integrate seamlessly into the timeline of your existing ProRes RAW or ProRes projects, without much storage or processing overhead.

Open standard formats with any camera
Apple ProRes is the pro video standard for video and RAW capture. The number of cameras that support RAW recording via HDMI on the Ninja V+ is growing steadily. ProRes RAW combines the quality and workflow benefits of RAW video with the real-time performance of ProRes, giving filmmakers wide latitude in adjusting the look of their images, making it an ideal solution for HDR workflows.
The Ninja V+ also captures up to 4Kp60 in 10-bit 4:2:2 from almost all camera manufacturers, including Panasonic, Nikon, Olympus, Leica, Fujifilm, Z Cam, RED and ARRI. 

The Ninja's solution
Modern cameras are incredibly powerful, but they are subject to shortcomings in terms of battery life, shooting time, or use expensive internal media when shooting RAW at high frame rates. The Ninja V+ is the solution to these problems.
You also get a very bright 5.2" monitor with 1000nits - 10.5 f-stops in HDR and a wide range of features that can optimise your workflow, from AtomOS Monitor Assist functions such as Focus Peaking, Zoom, Vectorscopes & False Colour to Safe Areas and Cine Guides. The AtomHDR engine also handles incoming Log/RAW/HDR signals from your camera.

Revolution in 8K resolution
The Ninja V+ records the Canon EOS R5's 8Kp30 signal in ProRes RAW over a standard HDMI 2.0 connection.
Atomos and Canon have collaborated over the past 2 years to create a world first for capturing 8K RAW and HDR images with incredible clarity and detail in a compact and configurable system.

More power, less weight
Combining the Ninja V+ with the Canon EOS R5 gives you a powerful yet compact 8K camera package that can be flexibly configured to suit your needs.
The Canon R5 with a 24mm cine lens, Ninja V+, NPF battery and storage device comes in at under 3kg, which can be easily carried by a variety of flying drones, gimbals and stabilisers, as well as vehicles and robotic arms.

Resolution here means creative flexibility
With the wide range of 8K resolution, you can extract multiple 4K shots from a single camera angle and creatively narrow them down to a desired area. This allows you to create additional shots for cutaways to break up the edit that are much higher resolution than if the shots were extracted from a single 4K source.
You can also create multiple high-resolution vertical or square crops in desired areas of the image in post for social media, which can also be previewed on the Ninja V+ with social media frame guides. This allows you to maximise the camera's resolution to achieve 4K with a 9:16 vertical aspect ratio.

Stabilise without compromise
The high resolution of 8K video means that even after cropping as part of the stabilisation process, the final shot is still likely to have a resolution of 4K or even 6K. This means that it can be integrated with the rest of your 8K footage on the timeline.

4Kp120 ProRes RAW with SONY and Z CAM
The Ninja V+ allows you to shoot up to 4Kp120 in ProRes RAW for high frame rate, high quality video. This is a great alternative to your camera's internal compressed codecs, as they typically apply higher colour compression and subsampling.

High dynamic range
Record ProRes RAW in 4Kp120 with the Sony FX6 and FX9 and take full advantage of the sensor's dynamic range. Directly in RAW format via SDI or HDMI. What's more, you can play back footage shot with the Ninja V+ at different speeds for a preview of the adjustments you can make later in your NLE timeline. The FX9 requires the XDCA-FX9 expansion unit and both the FX6 and FX9 require the AtomX SDI module with RAW activation (or the Pro Kit).

A wide range of codecs

  • Apple ProRes RAW - supports 16bit RAW output from the camera via HDMI and optionally via SDI. 
  • Apple ProRes RAW - an industry standard, editable codec from Apple with scalable compression levels. 
  • Avid DNx - an industry standard editable codec for Avid editors with scalable compression levels. 
  • H.265 (HEVC) - this highly efficient compressed codec lets you create high-quality, low-bitrate, small file size files for sharing. You can also create 4K HDR 10-bit datasets and have the option to include LUTs to achieve the final pixel LOOK without correcting the footage. 

AtomX Cast

Broadcast features for everyone
AtomX CAST is for filmmakers and anyone who wants to easily and quickly create multi-camera broadcast-quality contributions from anywhere. It's also for anyone who wants to add professional broadcast quality features to their online meetings, presentations, distance learning/training, virtual conferences, demonstrations or engaging corporate videos. Because CAST is simple and easy to use, you don't have to be a video professional to get great-looking results.

Easy switching
Flexible controls allow you to use either the touch screen or physical buttons to switch between sources and decide what to display on the screen at any given time. The illuminated buttons for each input and the coloured LED lighting for the programme and preview status allow you to operate the CAST even in dimly lit environments.

Connectable to any Full HD video source
Connect mirrorless or DSLR cameras, video cameras, computers, consoles or even pre-recorded content via HDMI. You don't have to worry about synchronisation as you can automatically combine frame rates up to 60p and interlaced and progressive HD sources.

Seamless integration
When docked, the Ninja V/V+ AtomX CAST connects to your computer via USB-C and appears as a high-quality webcam. Thanks to plug-and-play, it works instantly with all your video apps like Zoom, Teams and Skype without the need to install drivers on your computer first. Add up to 4 camera inputs to take your presentation or meeting to the next level.

Enhance your brand, video and presence
Sophisticated features like logos, masthead graphics and lower third titles make your productions look incredible, and dedicated controls for these features make them easy to use. Add custom graphics to your production for branding your content with support for transparency, sponsor logos and other on-screen information, and configure the layout on the Ninja touchscreen. 

Picture in picture
One of the benefits of using CAST with a multi-camera setup is that you can use the picture-in-picture feature to display two inputs simultaneously. Any of the four HDMI inputs can be used for a picture-in-picture effect and there are controls for the size and position of the superimposed image. You can display a close-up of a product on your desk and simultaneously display your face as a picture-in-picture while talking about the product.

Configurable and adaptable
Because the AtomX CAST is so compact and versatile, users can easily work alone or with a team to enhance their productions. Solo operators can carry the Ninja CAST in a small backpack and then use it discreetly with compact mirrorless cameras for productions of any size. For larger setups, the Ninja V/V+ HDMI output can be used as a secondary output that can be set up as a dual programme output, preview monitoring for the crew, or to connect to a larger multiview display.

Ready for advanced workflows
AtomX CAST connected to a Ninja V/V+ is a fully functional stand-alone switcher, but you can also use it with a computer for advanced video work. In this mode, the AtomX CAST and Ninja V/V+ do the heavy lifting and take the load off your computer. Simply add the AtomX CAST as a media source in OBS, X-Split and VMix to take advantage of the software application's additional graphics and scene configuration, while using the CAST for video input switching.  

Broadcast-quality switching and recording
With professional 10bit/4:2:2 inputs, you get broadcast-quality switching and the ability to record in broadcast-quality codecs such as Apple ProRes or Avid DNx.

Built-in versatility
The AtomX CAST can reach a global audience by sending a stream to your preferred streaming host, transmitting a broadcast-quality video signal to a local display, outputting digital signage or a video wall, and recording with high-quality, editable video codecs.


Scope of delivery:

Ninja V+

  • 1x Ninja V+ unit 
  • 1x Hard Case 
  • 1x Master Caddy 
  • 1x Battery Eliminator 
  • 1x DC Power Supply 
  • Quick Start Guide 

AtomX Cast

  • 1x AtomX Cast Unit
  • 1x USB-C Cable
  • 1x SSDmini Handle Adapter

technical Data

  • Video Recording
    • Full HD Video Recording (1080p)
    • 120fps
    • 4k Video Recording (UHD)
    • 120fps
  • Display
    • Screen Diagonal (cm)
    • 13,2
    • Screen Diagonal (inch)
    • 5,2
    • Resolution (Pixel)
    • 1920 x 1080
    • Brightness (cd/m²)
    • 1000
    • Horizontal Viewing Angle (°)
    • 178
    • Vertical Viewing Angle (°)
    • 178
    • Aspect Ratio
    • 16:9
  • Storage
    • Storage Type
    • SSD
  • Ports
    • Audio-In
    • Yes
    • Audio-Out
    • Yes
    • HDMI Input
    • 1x
    • HDMI-Out
    • 1x
    • Headphone Jack
    • Yes
    • LANC
    • Yes
    • SDI Input
    • 1x
    • SDI Output
    • 1x
  • Type
    • Type
    • Screen Recording
  • General
    • Colour
    • Black / Grey
    • Width (mm)
    • 151
    • Height (mm)
    • 91,5
    • Depth (mm)
    • 31
    • Weight (g)
    • 360


"Atomos Ninja V+ Switch & Stream Kit"

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